What is Surprise Entertainment?

Well, simply spoken, surprise entertainment is any type of entertainment that is unexpected by an audience, catches them by surprise. This could be things such as a spontaneous play arranged for whatever reason or the performance of music and dance “out of the blue”.

singing waiters – LondonA good example for surprise entertainment is flash mobs. A flash mob is an “unexpected performance” by a groups of actors or musicians often at a public location.

This can happen simply for entertainment or in some cases as some form of public relation stunt, say, for example when a company wants to draw attention in a place such as a shopping center.

Another popular type of surprise entertainment is when a group of musicians and singers performs at an event without the guests knowing about this beforehand. Many times, the entertainers might be disguised as party guests or waiters and not reveal their identity until their show starts. A good example for this would be the Singing Waiters that can be booked for all sorts of festive events.

One thing is for sure, surprise entertainment is always making an impression on people and this is why this type of entertainment is so popular today. A DJ or a even a band playing can simply not make up for the fun and excitement of surprise entertainment. It’s the type of entertainment you should consider if you want to make your party, reception or any other festive event truly unique and unforgettable.