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How Golf Bracelets Can Help Perfecting Your Golf Swing

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you can find all sorts of different training aids and accessories today. You can purchase swing bags, training aids that can assist with practicing your putting and a lot more.

Some types of golfing accessories may be less known but are equally effective when you want to improve your game. Among those types of accessories for golfers are specific “golf bracelets”.

Here in this blog post I want to give you a short introduction about those types of bracelets.

What are golf bracelets?

Golf bracelets are types of jewellery that can be beneficial for our health. This makes them especially suitable for athletes and sports professionals . There are two common types for this jewellery, magnetic jewellery and ionic jewellery. The ionic variety of those bracelets and bands is also often called “power bands”.

A magnetic golf bracelet works with the principle of magnetic therapy. Two magnets are usually attached the bands and they are normally worn across the wrists like any other type of jewellery.

There are several health benefits of magnetic jewellery:

Although the exact way how magnets can influence our bodies are not known yet, one theory is that the magnets affect blood cells and their ability to carry oxygen. This is said to be helpful with the relief and prevention of pain. Studies have been conducted in the past which show that those bracelets have a real measurable effect for instance for the reduction of arthritis pains.

Ionic bracelets (“power bands”) work by producing negative ions. You may possibly know about the health benefits of negative ions from ionizers such as you can get for your home. The negative ions produced by the power band golf bracelet can improve overall fitness and focus, another quality which makes this type of jewellery especially suitable for golf.

The last type we want to discuss here in this post would be golf bracelets that combine magnetic therapy with the ability to create negative ions. Those would be negative ion power bands that also have a number of magnets to provide the benefits of magnetic therapy.

If you follow the world’s top golfers, chances are you can spot them wearing such golf bracelets during their game. I personally can recommend them to anyone serious about golf.