Sports Venues And Fire Safety

Fire AlarmFire safety should always be a big priority especially if you’re talking about public venues like sports clubs and stadiums.

On the other hand, if a sports venue is already rather old, putting in modern and efficient fire suppression and prevention measures can quickly become a major headache.

Equipping a large venue with a modern fire alarm system will often require major renovation work.  This can easily mean that a club or stadium would need to be closed to the public for weeks if not months, until this type of work is finished.

But putting in modern fire prevention systems in existing buildings can now be done in a fraction of the time without having to open up walls to lay wires and cabling. The key here is to use wireless alarm systems. Those can be installed in very little time, they won’t need any wires and cables and thus major structural work. These types of fire alarms can work in any type of venue regardless of size. The can be placed in smaller sports clubs or giant stadiums alike.

Today’s available wireless fire alarm systems are normally connected to a central console. Should a fire break out in any part of the building an automatic alarm is triggered. Systems that comprise of wireless smoke alarms will often also incorporate conventional manual fire alarm locations. Those will allow people to manually activate the system in case of a fire, very much as with a traditional fire alarm system.

If you face the problem wanting to equip your sports venue with a modern and efficient fire alarm system, think about wireless fire alarms as the better alternative. You will get the same level of protection and safety from fires with minimal costs, hassles and downtime for your sports venue.

Woods Didn’t Appreciate Parody Interview

tiger-woods-2Tiger Woods got quite furious after Golf Digest published a spoof interview last week.

He is now demanding an apology from writer Dan Jenkins, a seasoned golf writer with more than 60 years of writing experience.

It’s possible that Jenkins went a bit too far with his spoof even when it was clearly labeled as such.

For instance, he made fun of Tiger’s failed marriage and joked that Woods liked firing people and also isn’t exactly known for giving generous tips.

Jenkins told the press that he wrote the spoof interview because he has never been granted an exclusive interview with Woods who has not played since August because of injury.

Woods said that he thinks of himself as having a good sense of humour and that he’s more than willing to laugh at himself.

“Good-natured satire is one thing, but no fair-minded writer would put someone in the position of having to publicly deny that he mistreats his friends, takes pleasure in firing people and stiffs on tips – and a lot of other slurs, too”, he said in a public statement.

Are You In The Sports Business? My Tip

merchBig sporting events such as the past World Cup 2014 in Brazil always result in a heightened interest in sports merchandise and accessories.

Numerous vendors in the UK and elsewhere reported a sharp increase in sales for merchandise such as T-Shirts or or other soccer merchandise.

In some cases, the surge in interest for soccer related gear led to that many smaller vendors ran into serious problems with re-stocking. The demand for merchandise was much higher than what some of those vendors had anticipated.

If you’re in this business, but likewise so for any other type of business where physical merchandise is sold and shipped, shipping software and export software can help you to avoid such problems to a large extent.

Modern export software can help you to always have a grasp on demand for specific goods. Some of those packages can actually adequately predict demand for the future.  More importantly, export software can help you to operate more cost efficiently by providing real-time information about costs. This can be very important for those vendors who ship internationally since transport cost globally can vary and fluctuate often.

Being able to work more efficiently also means being able to prevent potential shortages and bottlenecks. If you’re able to organize documents such as international trade documentation faster and better, the result will be faster shipping with less delays and as a result more satisfied customers.

The past Word Cup has shown that vendors in retail, whether they own physical stores or online businesses should always be prepared. More demand should never lead to you losing business because of problems with logistics and workload.  You can go here to read about export software.

Manor House Awarded ‘Best Golf Hotel’ In UK

Manor House Hotel and Golf Club near Bath won ‘England’s Best Golf Hotel’ award.

The award is certainly well deserved. The golf venue features 18 holes of stunning golf set across 365 acres in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. According to polls, the club is one of the most popular top stay-and-play courses in the UK.

Least year, AA hotel services upgraded its rating for Manor House to five black stars. This rating only goes to the best and finest properties in the United Kingdom. The club also features a restaurant, the Bybrook,  which is listed in the world-renowned Michelin guide.

Golfers in the United Kingdom can enjoy the hotel’s luxury without having to pay a fortune. The golf and hotel packages start at only £142.

Finding Horse Racing Tips That Work

As any horse racing enthusiast may certainly know, getting a reliable betting strategy is anything but easy. Most of the time this will involve that you need to do some extensive research, visit various websites that promise some “sure betting system”…and more often than not you will find yourself in a situation where you spent a lot of money for a betting strategy that ultimately doesn’t even work.

This is exactly how I personally spent at least 20 of my years interested in horse racing in the UK, jumping from one system to the other, just to realize that none of those horse racing tips really did it for me.

Bob Rothman is the UK's Horse Racing Pro

Bob Rothman is the UK’s Horse Racing Pro

But this all changed when I found out about Bob Rothman, or how he calls himself the “Horse Racing Pro”. This was the first time that I had the impression that someone who was talking about good betting strategies for the races did actually know what he/she is talking about. Low and behold, after I did some research it turned out that the Horse Racing Pro is a horse racing and betting professional which would certainly explain his expertise.

So why do I mention this guy, Bob Rothman?

Because this guy, Bob, has a website where he is providing horse racing tips where anyone who is interested can subscribe to.

This means that people who want to get into some more serious horse racing don’t need to invest a lot of time and research any more but can simply take advantage of his experience and those great racing tips.

And this is exactly what I did.

After about twenty years with rather mediocre success betting on the horses I can say that those racing tips are truly outstanding, in fact I have not seen any better horse racing advice to-date.

And this is the reason I can absolutely recommend this guy, the Horse Racing Pro, if you want working racing tips. So if you want racing tips today and want to make some cash at the races you should definitely check this out.