What is Surprise Entertainment?

Well, simply spoken, surprise entertainment is any type of entertainment that is unexpected by an audience, catches them by surprise. This could be things such as a spontaneous play arranged for whatever reason or the performance of music and dance “out of the blue”.

singing waiters – LondonA good example for surprise entertainment is flash mobs. A flash mob is an “unexpected performance” by a groups of actors or musicians often at a public location.

This can happen simply for entertainment or in some cases as some form of public relation stunt, say, for example when a company wants to draw attention in a place such as a shopping center.

Another popular type of surprise entertainment is when a group of musicians and singers performs at an event without the guests knowing about this beforehand. Many times, the entertainers might be disguised as party guests or waiters and not reveal their identity until their show starts. A good example for this would be the Singing Waiters that can be booked for all sorts of festive events.

One thing is for sure, surprise entertainment is always making an impression on people and this is why this type of entertainment is so popular today. A DJ or a even a band playing can simply not make up for the fun and excitement of surprise entertainment. It’s the type of entertainment you should consider if you want to make your party, reception or any other festive event truly unique and unforgettable.

Jon Eley Retired From Speed Skating

Short track skater Jon Eley has retired, ruling out a bid for a fourth Winter Games.

The 31 year-old British skater made his debut at the Olympics back in 2006 in Turin. Ever since he won two bronze medals.

As reasons for his retirement from sports he cited being a new father and “not wanting to just make up the numbers”.

Jon Eley confirmed his retirement on Twitter.

How To Find A School That Offers A Good Selection on Sports

If your children are active in sports as they grow up it will have various benefits. Physical activity is known for that it’s essential for a better health and well-being, plus being active in sports can help them with developing all sorts of skills such as teamwork and leadership.

schools-sportsIt is the more surprising that some schools in the UK don’t have a lot to show when one looks at their sports offerings.

Yes, your children may get all the education they need for their later careers but there is no reason to fore-go physical activity to get there.

In my family, selecting a good school means also to take a close look at their extracurricular activities.

We want our children to grow up well-rounded, whether this means that a school offers various sports classes or activities to support their creativity and interests in music and the arts.

Most of the time, a visit to a school can already help in making a decision whether a school can offer your children everything they need. If you see that a school has no or very poorly maintained sports facilities you can be assured that sports doesn’t play a major role for such an institution. Some of the better public schools in the UK and many of the private independent schools in the UK have outstanding sports facilities that can range from olympic size pools to well maintained race tracks and soccer fields. A short walk on their premises can normally give you an impression.

Take your time deciding on a school and don’t rush this process. Know that your children will likely spend many years with a particular school. There is no reason to accept any compromises when it comes to the education of your children. At Hertfordshire school you can learn more about a well-rounded education for your children.

How Golf Bracelets Can Help Perfecting Your Golf Swing

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you can find all sorts of different training aids and accessories today. You can purchase swing bags, training aids that can assist with practicing your putting and a lot more.

Some types of golfing accessories may be less known but are equally effective when you want to improve your game. Among those types of accessories for golfers are specific “golf bracelets”.

Here in this blog post I want to give you a short introduction about those types of bracelets.

What are golf bracelets?

Golf bracelets are types of jewellery that can be beneficial for our health. This makes them especially suitable for athletes and sports professionals . There are two common types for this jewellery, magnetic jewellery and ionic jewellery. The ionic variety of those bracelets and bands is also often called “power bands”.

A magnetic golf bracelet works with the principle of magnetic therapy. Two magnets are usually attached the bands and they are normally worn across the wrists like any other type of jewellery.

There are several health benefits of magnetic jewellery:

Although the exact way how magnets can influence our bodies are not known yet, one theory is that the magnets affect blood cells and their ability to carry oxygen. This is said to be helpful with the relief and prevention of pain. Studies have been conducted in the past which show that those bracelets have a real measurable effect for instance for the reduction of arthritis pains.

Ionic bracelets (“power bands”) work by producing negative ions. You may possibly know about the health benefits of negative ions from ionizers such as you can get for your home. The negative ions produced by the power band golf bracelet can improve overall fitness and focus, another quality which makes this type of jewellery especially suitable for golf.

The last type we want to discuss here in this post would be golf bracelets that combine magnetic therapy with the ability to create negative ions. Those would be negative ion power bands that also have a number of magnets to provide the benefits of magnetic therapy.

If you follow the world’s top golfers, chances are you can spot them wearing such golf bracelets during their game. I personally can recommend them to anyone serious about golf.

How Do You Know That You Found a Good Gym?

fitness-gymIf you live in the big city, whether this is London or any other major city in the UK there sure won’t be a shortage of fitness chains.

To make matters even more difficult, along with the large gym chains there are increasingly more private persons or groups today that offer that you could sign up with them for courses such as for yoga, weight loss or general fitness.

In other words, you will have hundreds of places to choose from if you want to do something for your fitness.

But how do you know that the studio you have chosen is a good one and that you really get your money’s worth?

If you ask me, there is a very easy way to tell: how good is their help and support if you need it?

Let’s be honest, no one is born a fitness pro. Most of those people who are just joining the fitness crowd don’t know anything about the right exercises or how to use certain types of equipment. (The Internet is full of sometimes funny videos that show how folks are using exercise machines entirely improperly, at times even dangerously!)

A good fitness place will always have someone that you can ask for help and advise. And I’m not talking about some average person but a qualified trainer who knows his/her stuff. If a studio doesn’t have anyone that you can ask for help about the best routines or equipment you are really wasting your money.

Here is what I can recommend to you: if you are looking to sign up for a large fitness chain or plan to go to a private teacher or group for fitness classes they should always offer you a few hours for free, as a trial. This is the best way to get an idea about whether the classes and the teacher will really be helpful. If a fitness company doesn’t offer such a trial I personally would be wary. This is my own experience and I think it might help you to know especially if you are still a beginner. Don’t rush this decision and always compare a few first if you can.

The above fitness tips are brought to you by London Fields Fitness – your affordable East London fitness studio! What makes London Fields Fitness so great is their big selection on fitness courses from Pilates in Hackney, Yoga to martial arts classes!

First Aid Training Courses For Your Team

If we’re talking sports, injuries and accidents are always possible. Fortunately, most sports injuries are minor. For fast medical help and to keep the risk for further complications from injuries low it is always advised that medical professionals are present. In such cases where no doctors may be present it is very helpful if people attending such events know about first aid.

If your team mates or sports club members know about first aid it can help in those critical minutes after an injury until a medical professional will be around.

Consider first aid training courses if you are the manager of a club or sports team! If you reside in Devon in the United Kingdom I recommend BX Medical, an organization that can provide you and your team with first aid courses in Exeter. I really liked their great service for our own team. Their prices are low and they have a great sense of humour. You can contact them by phone at 0845 8621723.

Sports Venues And Fire Safety

Fire AlarmFire safety should always be a big priority especially if you’re talking about public venues like sports clubs and stadiums.

On the other hand, if a sports venue is already rather old, putting in modern and efficient fire suppression and prevention measures can quickly become a major headache.

Equipping a large venue with a modern fire alarm system will often require major renovation work.  This can easily mean that a club or stadium would need to be closed to the public for weeks if not months, until this type of work is finished.

But putting in modern fire prevention systems in existing buildings can now be done in a fraction of the time without having to open up walls to lay wires and cabling. The key here is to use wireless alarm systems. Those can be installed in very little time, they won’t need any wires and cables and thus major structural work. These types of fire alarms can work in any type of venue regardless of size. The can be placed in smaller sports clubs or giant stadiums alike.

Today’s available wireless fire alarm systems are normally connected to a central console. Should a fire break out in any part of the building an automatic alarm is triggered. Systems that comprise of wireless smoke alarms will often also incorporate conventional manual fire alarm locations. Those will allow people to manually activate the system in case of a fire, very much as with a traditional fire alarm system.

If you face the problem wanting to equip your sports venue with a modern and efficient fire alarm system, think about wireless fire alarms as the better alternative. You will get the same level of protection and safety from fires with minimal costs, hassles and downtime for your sports venue.

Woods Didn’t Appreciate Parody Interview

tiger-woods-2Tiger Woods got quite furious after Golf Digest published a spoof interview last week.

He is now demanding an apology from writer Dan Jenkins, a seasoned golf writer with more than 60 years of writing experience.

It’s possible that Jenkins went a bit too far with his spoof even when it was clearly labeled as such.

For instance, he made fun of Tiger’s failed marriage and joked that Woods liked firing people and also isn’t exactly known for giving generous tips.

Jenkins told the press that he wrote the spoof interview because he has never been granted an exclusive interview with Woods who has not played since August because of injury.

Woods said that he thinks of himself as having a good sense of humour and that he’s more than willing to laugh at himself.

“Good-natured satire is one thing, but no fair-minded writer would put someone in the position of having to publicly deny that he mistreats his friends, takes pleasure in firing people and stiffs on tips – and a lot of other slurs, too”, he said in a public statement.

Are You In The Sports Business? My Tip

merchBig sporting events such as the past World Cup 2014 in Brazil always result in a heightened interest in sports merchandise and accessories.

Numerous vendors in the UK and elsewhere reported a sharp increase in sales for merchandise such as T-Shirts or or other soccer merchandise.

In some cases, the surge in interest for soccer related gear led to that many smaller vendors ran into serious problems with re-stocking. The demand for merchandise was much higher than what some of those vendors had anticipated.

If you’re in this business, but likewise so for any other type of business where physical merchandise is sold and shipped, shipping software and export software can help you to avoid such problems to a large extent.

Modern export software can help you to always have a grasp on demand for specific goods. Some of those packages can actually adequately predict demand for the future.  More importantly, export software can help you to operate more cost efficiently by providing real-time information about costs. This can be very important for those vendors who ship internationally since transport cost globally can vary and fluctuate often.

Being able to work more efficiently also means being able to prevent potential shortages and bottlenecks. If you’re able to organize documents such as international trade documentation faster and better, the result will be faster shipping with less delays and as a result more satisfied customers.

The past Word Cup has shown that vendors in retail, whether they own physical stores or online businesses should always be prepared. More demand should never lead to you losing business because of problems with logistics and workload.  You can go here to read about export software.

Manor House Awarded ‘Best Golf Hotel’ In UK

Manor House Hotel and Golf Club near Bath won ‘England’s Best Golf Hotel’ award.

The award is certainly well deserved. The golf venue features 18 holes of stunning golf set across 365 acres in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. According to polls, the club is one of the most popular top stay-and-play courses in the UK.

Least year, AA hotel services upgraded its rating for Manor House to five black stars. This rating only goes to the best and finest properties in the United Kingdom. The club also features a restaurant, the Bybrook,  which is listed in the world-renowned Michelin guide.

Golfers in the United Kingdom can enjoy the hotel’s luxury without having to pay a fortune. The golf and hotel packages start at only £142.